Me no feel so good.

I’m feeling a little jaded today. Okay, so hungover is probably the correct term but jaded sounds better (and less like it’s my own fault). The reason for this is the leaving party organised by the person whos leaving presentation I went to last week. Again it was the lure of free alcohol and food that drew me – moth like – to the event…..

After a warm up drink or two at a nearby pub we arrived and were promptly handed little self made paper beer vouchers. Oh for a handy colour photocopier! I managed to be second in line when the buffet started and then proceeded to get quite drunk.

Now that’s never a great idea when most of the senior members of your department are at the event and a couple of times I had those moments where you are talking about someone (for ‘talking’ read ‘mocking’, ‘moaning about’, ‘insulting’ etc.) only to turn round and find them stood behind you chatting to someone else. I think I got away with it tho….

Maybe I should learn to have more control at these event? Drink in moderation maybe? Network, say nice things to the boss, listen for interesting bits of information. Nah – bollocks to that. Drink, be merry and worry about getting sacked the day after is what I say!!

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