Link love time

It’s not often I get into work to find an email from a New York escort waiting for me but thats just what happened this morning. My happiness was dulled somewhat when I realised that she’d sent virtually the same email to a lot of other people recently but the content proved that she had actually taken the time to look through my blog so fair play to her. And whatever she is doing is paying off as over 450 links in about two months is pretty good going.

A more cynical person might think that Alexa is trying to emulate the famous and now departed Belle de Jour in an attempt to maybe get a book deal or just be a well known interwebnet celebrity? If you are talented enough to get a book deal out of blogging, then why not? The ever lovely Breakup Babe – although still suffering in love (don’t I know how that feels) – is also well on her way to literary success. And whilst not currently getting anywhere, the now demon free Andre has a book plan and quite rightly (I’ve said it before but in case you missed it, go look at his blog now! Yes, you. It’s good stuff. Really. Wha.. I never lie).

So anyway, A New York Escorts Confessions will shortly be added to my blogroll (which is in need of some upkeep) as it too is also a good read (as well as being a little spicy).

So sayeth the BlogMonkey.

(Now listening to Alabama 3: Let the Cage Bird Sing)

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