Had to go shopping this lunchtime as once again, no food in the house. I like to think of myself as an environmentaly friendly shopper. Not that I go out of my way to buy organic produce or avoid buying tuna just in case dolphins died when it was caught. No, I mainly try and buy things that come with little packaging or that can be recycled. Not that I really know if something packaged in plastic is any better than say a glass jar? Sure you can recycle the jar but does it take more energy to produce and recycle? Who knows. Least I’m trying.

Thats why it always annoys me when I see people at the checkout using 10 carrier bags to load up their shopping or having about 3 items in each bag. Such a waste.

Today tho I was distracted from even that as I stood wondering about the woman in front of me. Her whole shopping basket consisted of only twenty 500g packets of butter and a pack of sanitary towels. The mind boggles.

Of course she loaded all the butter in one large plastic carrier bag and the female hygine product in another…

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