Return of the BlogMonkey

So after my little extended absence from the world of blogging – for which I have no excuse other than being terminally lazy (although I did actually have a little more work to do at the end of last week) – I am back with a vengance. Well, I’m back at least.

It’s also that time again. A strange compulsion comes over me every 2-3 years which I just can’t help acting on. No, not that – thats every 2-3 minutes. No, this is the urge to build a new computer.

Do I really need one? Nope, course not. Mine maybe be getting a little old in the tooth and may well struggle when this game comes out later this year (a gig of RAM, I ask ya..) but a simple upgrade could fix that.

Am I going to build a new computer? More than likely. Why? Cos it will be all shiny and new and stuff. Shiny and new is good. That will mean I will then have three computers as everytime I build a new one I don’t seem to be able to get rid of the old one. Maybe if I link them all together and install some AI they can run the house and be my friend….?

If you’re really interested I may well go for one based on this chip so I can build a small, ultra quiet, energy efficiant computer. No, I didn’t think you would be. I’ll get my coat….

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