Life update

Pretty much everything is now pack and I’m just waiting for Miss C to give me a lift with it all. Thrown so much away – mostly clothes. Really do have a habbit of putting faded and worn clothes in a cupboard “just in case I need them”. Meant I had about ten pairs of jeans, twenty shirts and countless t-shirts to bin amongst other things. Some of the stuff had nothing really wrong with it. The suit I wore to my graduation. My first leather jacket. Trouble is I know I will never wear them again so I was ruthless and into the bag they went.

I am now internetless as the PC has also been packed. A month without being able to play online computer games. I’m already suffering from withdrawl…..

Work is totally dead at the moment but I suppose at least that gives me time to do my job evaluation. What’s that you ask? Well, in order to bring all the pay scales in line, everyone has to benchmark their job. Seems a bit pointless as everyone is also going to exagerate what they do to make sure they get the same (if not more) money. Same for me as if I actually put down my workload I’d be due a £10,000 pay cut.

I also hate doing these things. Really hate them.

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