We are the winners

For the first time in years I watched the Eurovision Song Contest last night. I’d forgotten just how funny it could be! Few glasses of wine and you can just sit taking the p*ss out of about 80% of the songs that come on. The outfits, the overacting the instantly forgetable lyrics and tunes – all great entertainment. I think Lordi did indeed deserve to win as it was certainly entertaining. My hopeful was Lithuania however – any song with the lyrics “We are the winners of Eurovision” repeated over and over as well as a plea for people to vote for them is a class act in my book. Quite catchy too. Special shout out to the Moldova entry from Miss C tho.

I think all the people moaning on the BBC comments page about the UK never being able to win because of political voting need to get a real grip on reality. Sure some of the voting is political but I think it can only influence things to a certain degree. The simple fact was that our entry – by Daz Sampson – was total shite (‘scuse my french). I was amazed by how many radio DJs were behind this song and not pointing out that it actually stood no chance in hell of winning.

Be sure to check out his blog too. Looks like it was written by a twelve year old. Nice to see he also was purely in this for the pride of the UK and not for profit

“love or hate my song, surely if you are a true UK eurovision fan or you’re just a proud Brit it makes sense for you to back the UK entry this year and send us off to Athens with a top ten hit behind us.

Lets show Europe we love this competition and can beat the rest.

I urge you to buy a download from iTunes this week and help me in my plight to restore the good name of this great country of ours in Eurovision. It’s your chance to do your bit.”


Edit Highlights for those that missed it.

Lordi – Hardrock Hallelujah.
LT United – We are the winners.
Arsenium & Natalia Gordienco – Loca (she wants poka every night apparently).

And the bad…
cosmos – i hear your heart (strange Michael J thing going on there…).
Daz Sampson – Teenage Life (it’s like watching your dad trying to rap and be cool)

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