Support thy fellow blogger

Back when this blog started, one of the first links in my blogroll was to Breakup Babe. I don’t remember how I came across her blog but somehow in my interwebnet wanderings I did and it held even my goldfish like attention span long enough to make me post a permanant link to it. I followed it for a while, linked to it’s shortlived (and anonymous) Sparkly spinoff blog (which I won’t link to now as it is still there) and three years later it is one of about three blogs that has not left my sidebar.

I guess I empathized with what she wrote. So I wasn’t in a band, didn’t have a well paid job (post about that very soon when I get my act together) and didn’t go hiking up mountains. I’m not a talented writer, hadn’t been dumped and oh yes, am totally the wrong sex but I’d been single a awfully long time and knew about trying to find Miss Right (not that she was trying to find Miss Right as that probably would have tripled her reader base).

And now she has finally had her book published and I am really pleased for her. Kinda feels like I’ve been there for the whole ride.

Now the astute amongst you will have spotted that I posted about this a couple of weeks back and might be wondering why I was posting again. Well, I’m blatantly trying to get a free copy of her book. I won’t deny it. But I’ve read some good reviews and I genuinely want to read it. If this feeble attempt at a freebie fails I’ll actually have to buy it and as my mum can testify (she’s wanted me to order her something on the interweb for about 4 months now), that could take a loooong time…..

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