SOunds like a cushy job – cinema piracy detective

“Today I’m going to teach you how to spot someone illegally filming a movie. Look for the guy with the video camera. Lesson over.”

Maybe they need to realize that this is happening for one of three reasons.

1. People are fed up with having to wait for six months after the film is released before they can go and buy it.

2. They have heard that the ‘big budget blockbuster’ movie is actually a pile of steaming poo but feel they may as well spend a quid buying a dodgy copy from Dave down at the car boot sale just so they can say they have seen it.

3. They don’t want to pay the expensive cinema entry prices or five quid for a bag of popcorn just to see a flm that will likely turn out to be rubbish anyway.

Solutions. Release movies onto DVD sooner, stop making crap films and lower cinema prices.

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