Harmonization or “How to screw your staff”

The University is currently (or nearing the end of) ‘harmonizing’ it’s workforce. Sounds nice doesn’t it. Errr, no.

Having different pay scales, working hours and the like for academic, clerical and technical staff is bad – apparently – so we are being ‘harmonized’ to become one big happy family. And what exactly does that entail you may well ask. Well it goes something like this….

Clerical staff do less hours than technical staff (35 hours per week compared to 37). That’s not fair at all is it when everyone is supposed to be the same! So let’s bump those hours up slightly to thirty six and a half hours a week. You want to be paid for that extra work time? ‘Fraid not unless you happen to get a slight wage increase once your worth to the university and new pay grade have been evaluated.

Technical staff are still working longer than Clerical and that’s not fair so lets reduce their working week down a bit to the same level. Hmmm, but now we are paying them the same to do less work – can’t have that. So lets cancel the paid breaks they currently get meaning they acually have to do two hours more work a week than before. Yes, that’s fair and ‘harmonized’ as clerical staff don’t get paid breaks either.

That’s the basics of it anyway although everyone is keenly waiting to find out exactly where they appear on the new pay scale after every job has been evaluated and placed appropriately. I’m guessing there won’t be a huge number of people getting paid more than before.

“There will be winners and losers” was a statement on one of the official letters issued. Winners = The University. Losers = everyone else.

Personally it doesn’t affect me. Mine is a demand based job. If no one has any problems, I’ve got no work to do. Me sat surfing the internet whilst waiting for some work looks very much like me sat surfing the internet whilst on a break so the removal of those breaks isn’t gonna bother me overly much.

Now the rumours about them wanting to axe my shift allowance too – well that could result in a technicians section that has no technicians in it….

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