Rant time

Things that have annoyed me recently.

1. Richard Hammond. Not the bloke himself as I quite like him as a presenter, more his accident and how it was reported. This was headline news for days! Really, he’s not that important. I listened to the news on the radio one day and the main headline was that he’d taken his first steps since the accident whilst the second most important story was thirty people dying in a bomb blast in Iraq. Talk about priorities….

2. Kinda related. Why is it that reporters have to actually go and stand in front of a hospital or police station or whatever to give a report? There is nothing to see, it’s just a building! Total waste of time and effort.

3. Sandy Tom. Nothing against her as an artist and she’s done well but really, her lyrics sound like they were written by a 12 year old! “You’ll always be this handsome and your weight will never gain and when I give birth to our children, I will feel no pain.” Gimme a break….

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