Bunni has mention it a few times recently but it seems that my reader stats are also plummeting faster than a concrete pigeon. My typical (unique) reader numbers used to be around 1000-1100 a month. I had the odd quiet month – especially if I was going through a lazy patch and posting was right down – but it was fairly constant usually. Last month I was down to 850 odd. This month looks set to be much lower than that.

It could be a festive season thing but I am starting to wonder if Google have recently changed their indexing algorithms. Looking back through my stats for the last year I also noticed that I’d typically get 350-400 unique search phrases bringing people here. It was 180 last month. It’s less than 120 this.

Although I can’t see why it would help, I may switch over to this new version of Blogger in a bit as it seems even more closely tied with Google. I see Kel and Bunni already have and Gerard did yesterday. Maybe it’s a project for the xmas holidays…

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