Joost – formerly known as the Venice Project – which comes from the makers of Skype is something I’ll be watching very closely. A revolution in TV they reckon and one that might solve my TV licencing issues.

Basically they are given some TV programs by whichever companies wantto be part of this. These programs are archived on a selection of servers around the world. If people want to watch a program, they use the TV like interface provided by Joost and stream it to their computer. If the show becomes very popular and lots of people are watching it, P2P technology kicks in and you download parts of it from other people watching it, thus reducing the load on the server.

Of course this means I’d only be watching archived programs rather than live broadcasted content which according to the email I got back from the TV licencing people (“If you are using the Internet to browse archived programme services websites or podcasts, then a television licence is not required.”) is fine….


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