Joke time

I say I say I say, whats the last thing you want to find on your desk at 7am!

Mouse droppings!

No, I didn’t find it very funny when I got into work this morning either although it was quite amusing when I showed the plastic cup containing the evidence to a workmate who says “What, they shat in your cup?”. Very considerate mice.

On a different note, I ordered something for my mum yesterday from Kalulu. Last time I went there to buy something was just over a year ago which was why I was surprised to get this email last night.

“Good Evening BlogMonkey,

Good to see you again!

Just a quick email to let you know the Ivory Dalee cardstock and photo stickers you ordered for ******** went into the post to her this afternoon, second class. We have charged your card £13.70 which is made up of £14.95 you saw at checkout less £1.25 loyalty discount from your last order with us. Thank you very much for your latest order and we look forward to seeing you again soon at”

That’s real customer service and I felt they deserved a plug for that.

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