It’s a matter of trust

Around four or so years ago when my old boss died and my section was created out of the ashes (with me in charge), we were promised a lot of thing. Tools, privileges, new jobs to take on. They made it sound like a new start with great possibilites and – with the power of my new found responsibilites – I jumped in. My enthusiasm soon wore off however as it became apparent that things weren’t quite as they were made out to be. The new jobs were dull, menial or repetative (transfering of 5 years worth of obituaries to a new system for instance) and the new privileges didn’t appear. Excuses and promises of “Looking into it soon.” were made but it became obvious the main issue was one of trust.

Fast forward a few years to a new director with ‘The Vision’. The promises sounded very familiar but I sorta believed them this time. Seems once again I was wrong. The rights we applied for to be able to perform our job more quickly and efficiently were mostly rejected and again the issue seemed to be one of trust. The fact that we can do most of the stuff – albeit in a more convoluted way – and have been doing it for the last couple of years seems not to matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t give a flying fox how this turns out in the end. If we get the rights, my job gets a little easier. If not, we carry on finding ways round it like now or simply palm everything off to those that can do it (and I get even less work to do). What bugs me is after being here for so many years, we are still not trusted.

Yay or nay, it matters not to me. But if we aren’t trusted, I want them to at least be honest and tell me that straight out. Seems fair to me…

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