Vista – no thanks.

Although I installed it a few week ago, last night was the first time I sat down and had a proper look at Vista. As students have now started to bring in laptops with Vista loaded on I thought I should at least get a vague idea of where everything is now so I don’t look like a total idiot spending 10 minutes trying to find the Control Panel.

I started slowly – just randomly clicking stuff as there wasn’t anything specific I was trying to do. I changed the background, looked at system properties etc.. Then I tried to find how to turn Aero on and had to use the Help to find out – not that I could turn it on as apparently that machine is far too slow. A computer that was up until 6 months ago running City of Heroes can’t even run the OS properly now. Not that I find that a huge loss as although it looks pretty I’m not sure I can see much use for it?

As I started to play around a little more and open up more windows, I noticed things were starting to slow down. I bring up the task manager and find that he tiny preview of the screen saver I’d selected is actually using about 50% of my CPU usage. I’ll admit that this computer is not the fastest going but 50% just for that? Then I notice that the Task Manager itself is using 40%. The tool you use to monitor system resources is using a huge part of those resources itself.

At this point I gave up. Think I’ll just stick a copy of Debian on there instead.

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