Total Pants

One of the best computer games of all time without a doubt is Total Annihilation. It was one of those games that proved that it wasn’t how good something looked, it was about how much fun it was to play. So I was very interested when I read a couple of years ago about an unofficial follow on called Supreme Commander being done by the people that made TA. Then I forgot all about it. Until last week.

The game is due to be released tomorrow I believe but a demo was released just recently. So I set my computer to downloading the 1.1GB file over the weekend (my ISP is going to love me) and two and a half hours later… found the download was corrupt.


Quick trip into work and one short download later and I have the game installed at home. I load it up and my first thought is “Oh….” – and not in a good way.

Maybe I’m being harsh as it is only a demo and maybe it’s lacking some stuff but all the game is is TA as it was, with slightly better graphics and less units! Ten years and that’s the best they could do? I wanted war on an epic scale – huge tanks, giant robots, cool looking laser cannons and a couple of hundred different units to choose from – and this is really not it.

This demo did it’s job but not really in the way I think they would have liked. This game is definitely not going on my ‘must have’ list. For anyone else thinking of getting it, you may want to hunt out a cheap copy of the original game for a few quid (make sure it has the Core Contingency expansion with it) and play that instead. As a bonus you can download all these extra units which I collected together ages ago. The zip file includes all the offical extra units, the TA patch file (TA1X-31C.exe) and a load of fan made units which I hand picked (and in some cases adjusted to make more balanced for gameplay).

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