I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before but I like trying different food. I’m not talking choosing a lasagne because I’ve not had one for a few months, I’m talking hunting through a restaurant menu for the most unusual dish I can find. I do it a bit when home but when I’m on holiday I feel almost compelled to eat something I’ve never eaten whenever possible.

Luckily I have a very broad taste and there isn’t much I won’t eat. I can’t remember the last time I picked something I didn’t like although the ham, horeseradish sauce and whipped cream starter I had in Prague a couple of years back pushed that a little…

Malta was a good place to try a few new local dishes and the food is generally very good and quite cheap. A nice main dish, bottle of vino and a dessert for both me and Miss C would come in around £25 for the lot. Whilst there I got to sample barracuda, calamari (which I have had before but not cooked whole like this was) and rabbit (sorry Bunni). I was looking forward to quail but they didn’t have it the one time I went to choose it and I didn’t have chance to try Bragoli which sounded like meat covered in meat and wrapped in meat….

Drinks are nice and cheap out there too – something I took good advantage of. The local beer is Cisk which certainly did the job in the hot weather. Wine – especially the locally made stuff – is a bargain at around £3-4 a bottle in restaurants.

My suggestions for venues would be Lublu in Mgarr, Gozo. It apparently means “I Love” or something like that in Russian. We found it when looking for another restaurant listed in the lonely planet guide and we were glad we did. The chef showed us a lovely platter of fresh fish so we could choose what we wanted and how we wanted it prepared and then proceeded to make a meal using several of the fish types we’d expressed and interest in. I chose the barracuda just because it was the biggest and meanest looking fish on the platter. If you happen to be in the area, it is well worth a visit!

We also tried a lovely little place in Sliema. Was on the Triq It-torri near the bingo hall and was the sort of tiny local place where everyone stops talking and looks at you when you come in. Plus they had a dumb waiter to bring the food up from the kitchens which I loved. Tasty and very cheap it was too.

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