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I’m really not sure where I stand on this incest story (oooh, I’m going to regret posting that word). I’m open minded and if they are not hurting anyone else then I can see how the law is unfair to them. At the same time I can see the medical reasons for discouraging it, something seemingly proved true with their own children.

“Eric, our eldest child, has epilepsy, but he was born two months premature, he also has learning difficulties. Our other daughter, Sarah, has special needs.”

But at what stage do you decide it is wrong for a couple to have children? Apparently a 50% chance of the child being born with a medical condition is reason enough to make incest ilegal (unless it’s simply the ‘ick’ factor of a brother and sister sleeping together that makes it a crime?). Should every couple start being evaluated to estimate the percentage chance of their potential children not being one hundred percent healthy? Maybe a 40% chance is too high? Maybe 30%? At what stage does it become a crime? Should it even be one?

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