Anything for a little peace and quiet…

Ever have one of those nights where it seems the universe is intent on not letting you sleep. Where one thing after another happens to prevent you from entering blissfull slumber? That was me last night.

I was being good – in bed by 9:30pm ready for my early start today. There were people in the street outside my window however, talking just loudly and annoyingly enough to distract me from drifting off. I tossed and turned for a bit and they finally left. I slept.

I next woke to hear my new next door neighbours coming in. I have no idea what time it was but the talking and opening of doors right outside my flat was quite noisy. They’s obviously bought people back with them and one by one, they left, waking me each time. The last was around 2:30am I believe.

Next it was a lorry or street cleaner passing by my windows. I buried my head and drifted back asleep.

It sounded like something very heavy being dropped on the floor of a flat somewhere above me, or at least that was the first thought that entered my head when the loud crash woke me. It was quickly followed by a second – heavy enough that I could feel the vibrations through my bed – and then a third accompanied by the sound of falling masonary.

Earthquake? Explosion? Both seemed possible explanations as I came fully awake but looking outside my window I could see someone in the street directly below. It was 4am. Then voices downstairs. A man leaves next door and I hear the girl sliding the security chain into place after him. A man screams in rage one or two streets away.

I tried for another hour to go back to bed but it wasn’t happening oddly enough. At 5am I finally gave in and went to watch an episode of Heroes online. When I left for work I found one of the double glazed panes of glass in the building front door smashed in, a brick laying in the road outside.

Fun night huh!?

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