Lack of posts

As you may have noticed I have been posting slightly less this last week and there are a couple of reasons for this. First, I’m not supposed to be posting at work anymore. I still find the time to knock out the odd post but I can’t really sit around surfing all manner of pages trying to find interesting links at the moment. Plus I’m one workmate down so I am acually reasonably busy, hard as that may be to believe for me. My blogging habbits are going to have to change slightly and be concentrated more on when I’m at home. Which leads me onto reason two….

I found a website over the weekend that links to err, slightly less than legitimate copies of movies and TV shows. Ever since, I’ve been downloading (much to the annoyance of my ISP I suspect who will have seen a huge spike in my bandwidth usage) various bit and peices for my viewing pleasure.

Sunday for example saw the head to head clash of Ghost Rider and Batman Begins and you’d have to say Marvel 0 : DC 1 is the score there! Never pay to see Ghost Rider. Nice special effects yes but predictable plot, evil badguys that get beaten up within 20 seconds and as for Nicholas Cage’s acting (if you can call it that) – eurghhh! Batman is so much the better film and an enjoyable watch.

However the main reason I don’t have time to post when at home is I watched the first episode of Heroes and I’m now officially hooked! For all the talk companies do about piracy killing their profits, this is a perfect example of the opposite being true. With no TV I likely would never have seen this show but now I’m already planning on getting the boxed set! Just a shame I can’t watch it at work….

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