Free Stuff!

A little while back the nice Mr Poons sent me an invite for the Joost beta. If you don’t already know, Joost is TV on the internet provided using P2P technology. The programs are supplied legally by companies who then take a slice of the advertising (adverts are minimal – one every 15 minutes or so).

As you can imagine this interests me as being archived programs, you don’t need a TV licence to watch them.

The quality is actually very good (although you may have to watch your bandwidth usage and I’m sure a lot of ISPs will go spare very soon) but there are limited programs available at the moment. I have watched the first few episodes of this tho…


Anyway, I have five (four really as one is being saved for someone) invites for further beta testers so if anyone is interested, let me know.

As I’m giving away free stuff, I also have four invites for a 10 day trial of City of Heroes. You will face a hefty two and a half gig download unless you actually know me in real life, in which case I can give you the game client on DVD.

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