Dodgy TV on demand.

A while ago I was sent an invite for the Joost beta by the nice Mr Poons. It was good but unfortunately at the time there was little in the way of content – just a dozen channel with a smattering of programs on each to allow some basic testing. I watched a few anime episodes and then put it to one side.

A few weeks back I launched it up again and found they had increased the available channel and programs. I eagerly perused what was on offer but unfortunately this time the system didn’t seem to be coping well with the load and I was unable to watch anything more than the first few seconds of any program.

This last week however I’ve been pleased to find the problems have been ironed out. The content is still a little limited but I’ve been working my way through the first two series of Lexx. Ah, you can’t beat a little bit of twisted sci-fi.

I think a lot of people (especially youngsters) are going to be dissapointed with Joost. They’ll log on expecting to watch episodes of Heroes or Lost and I don’t think they’ll find them. Major earners like that just won’t be released by production companies. Those same companies are going to have hundreds of thousands of hours of less desirable TV though. Shows that never made it past one series. Stuff from the 70’s. Series well past their prime. Shows so bad, unappreciated or unknown that you only ever see them at 3am on some dodgy cable channel.

Those are the sort of programs that will end up on Joost I believe. I’m sure there is a gold mine of this stuff and I for one and quite looking forward to sifting through it when Joost finally goes live to see what I can find….

Oh, I think I also have unlimited invites to Joost to offer as well should anyone want one?

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