As the argument rages on here at the University as to whether peoples desk bins should be removed to increase recycling (although I think it’s a little pointless as the decision is unlikely to be changed at this late stage of implementation), a similar argument has started about national waste disposal. Not that this is a new argument, simply one kicked off by the latest survey suggesting 2/3 of people are in favour of ‘pay as you throw’ schemes.

Not as many people seem in favour on the BBC boards but then I’m not surprised? People hate change especially if they think it’ll cost more or involve extra effort. Question is, should this even be a debate? Or should the government act now to make a fundamental change in the way things work rather than pussyfooting about with small incremental changes over the next 20 years?

People wil call it ‘draconian’ but similar schemes have had a huge impact in other countries such as Switzerland. Unpopular – maybe. Effective – yes.

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