*Insert witty title here*

Don’t you just hate it when you are in the middle of a nice dream and your alarm clock goes off? It’s always just at the good bit too.

Anyway, my lack of posting is is down to still being pretty busy at work. I’m quite enjoying it although they days seem to be flying by and at the end of them when I try and look back I’m never quite sure what I’ve managed to achieve. How can you work hard for eight hours but seem to do nothing more than attend a meeting, answer the phone a few times, do some research on the internet, answer a few emails and test install a new bit of software?

I’m not working as hard as this here lovely lady however. She is pretty much single handedly dragging the uni into a new green era at the moment. She’s doing it with style however as in just 10 months she’s already phasing in recycling all over campus and has (with a little help) put together our first Big Green Week amongst other things.

Seems a lot of people also miss the fact that she is a Dr and assume she is bringing in ‘green hippie ideas’ with little thought to implementation or consequence. I like watching her shoot those people down.

If I can slip out during the day I’ll try and get a few pictures next week. There are some interesting activities planned (and maybe I can find some free cake at the baking competition).

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