When the working day is done

My last day of work in 2007 today. Actually, my last hour and a half and bloody hell is it dragging. I was going to fill some of the time up going to an ‘IT Forum’ meeting for a bit of a laugh but the thing is if you tell people you are going to go to a meeting, you should probably check what time it actually starts. I’d missed most of it before I even noticed…

Still, an hour and a half and I’m officially in Christmas mode – not that Christmassy I’ll grant you but more so than last year. Then I went the polar opposite from other years as it was my first xmas on my own. No decorations, no cards, no presents, no turkey (curry ftw) – no Christmas really. All very “Bah humbug” I know. Think I was just reveling in my new freedom.

This year I think there may be Christmas dinner. Maybe even a small tree? And mulled wine but that goes without saying.

I was going to waffle on about Christmas consumerism (linking to stuff like this) and how bad it is for the environment but I’ve faffed about so much that it is now time to go home anyway. But still, don’t be too wasteful this year – that’s not what makes a good festive season folks.

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