Maybe I just learn to live in a blur?

Although I’m off work all this week and supposed to be relaxing, it’s been a bit of an infuriating day really. After spending faaaar to much time playing certain games (see post below) I went to see my opticians.

Long story short. I was ordering contact lenses online (because it’s cheap that way) but they refuse to send any if you’ve not had a checkup in the last year. My old opticians wanted to charge a lot more than I expected for that so I went to Specsavers. Nice folks and over the last couple of months I’ve had several sets of lenses to try as they adjusted the prescription for maximum comfort/vision. Finally they got it right and three months worth of lenses ordered and paid for. End of story.

Well unfortunately not. I put in the lenses and the vision in my right eye is awful. I pop to see them and they suggest trying anther lens in the pack in case it was a dud. No different so I pop back. They’ve ordered me a replacement (with the same prescription) just in case both lenses so far were wonky.

Shock horror it still didn’t help.


So I go back today and sit for the sight test.

“Can you read the second from bottom line”


“Middle line?”


“Top line?”

“Sort of….”

“Well your prescription has changed an awful lot”

When I ask exactly how my eyesight has so dramatically altered in about three weeks and how I can still get great vision by mixing and matching some of the previous lenses they gave me, he seems at a loss. Bottom line – I have to go back with a wiped clean slate and start the whole process from the beginning as they can’t figure out the mess they made. Urgh!

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