Fly me away…

I hate waking up in the early hours and pointlessly worrying about something for no good reason. This morning it was whether I will get my passport back (it’s expired and needs renewing) before mid-May. Why mid-May you ask. Well, Miss C and I are off here.

Ok, that’s a big place so I’ll be more specific. We are catching this to here where we will stay a couple of days. Then it’s by train to this nice place for several relaxing days before a quick stop here before coming back with these folks.

Yes I know I shouldn’t fly as I’m ‘Mr Green’ but seriously, the Eurostar does it’s best to discourage you with it’s crappy website and prices. I’ll donate to save some rainforest as I normally do.

Can’t wait though. A week off work and all that good food and nice wine! If I get my passport back (which involves sending it at some point soon)…..

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