Looking tasty

Well my new logo is done. I think. It’s tempting to keep making small additions/alterations but I’d be here another week if I did that. I have to say I think it looks damn good but I’m seeking an unbiased view a bit later today.

That’s the problem with getting too close to a project (heh, project – sounds dead professional) like this, it’s hard to take a few steps back and look at what you’ve done objectively. You think it looks great but give it a couple of days and that opinion could change. The stupid thing is the opposite is also true. You are aware of every little blemish, incorrect angle and bit that didn’t turn out quite like you wanted it to and yet no one else is likely to see unless they really look closely.

So logo is done for now and I’m going to start on the page layout. Shouldn’t be hard although I also have to match the feel of the page to the new logo. And no doubt when I finally open it up in Internet Explorer it’ll look more like a jigsaw then what it’s supposed to but thems the problems of web design. Watch this space….

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