So once again the UK is down there at the bottom of the Eurovision Song Contest but that’s ok as it’s not like it matters or anyone really cares or takes it seriously is it? Ok, so maybe Terry does. Not that these comments are much of a surprise – I didn’t watch much of the contest but old Tez was sounding more and more bitter towards the end. Was starting to get on my nerves truth be told. And implying that the Spanish song was rubbish and we deserved more points is a laugh when the UK public actually gave that song a point!

I think blaming it all on ‘political voting’ is also a bit much. As far as I know it all goes on public phones votes nowadays and I’m less inclined to believe that Joe Public is thinking about sensitive political issues when they text in and more that they just feel a bit more loyalty to their nearest neighbours (who are also likely to have similar music tastes). It’s not like we get points from Ireland every year for similar reasons is it…

And of course the fact that we keep putting in junk songs couldn’t have anything to do with it could it? This years entry wasn’t bad but was instantly forgettable. Better than some of the shite we’ve entered recently anyway.

Some countries/regions will have an advantage (as frankly the UK has few friends to vote for them) but I reckon if we put in something good from the pool of talent (up and coming or not) this country has rather than the endless stream of dross from people trying to rekindle their career or reality TV show runners up, we might at least finish top 10. Then we could legitimately complain about the voting. Maybe we should just say “f*ck it* like some countries seem to be doing and blatantly not care anymore.

I’ll agree that the BBC should stop funding it however.

Personally, the Icelandic entry (This is my life) was my fave (followed by Greece). If you do go to that Myspace page, check out Vid Sigrum Ad Avi. It might sound familiar to some of you UK folk…..

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