See, articles like this BBC one really annoy me. “Surfing the web unprotected will leave the average web user with 70 spam messages each day, according to an experiment by security firm McAfee.” says the article heading. No, what they actually mean is “Surfing the web with most of your brain switched off will unsurprisingly leave you with loads of sh*t in your inbox”.

You see, it wasn’t that these participants of the great spam experiment were unprotected, it was that they had been given orders to sign up to every site they felt like, leave their email address in places it was likely to be spotted and reply to all the spam they got.

Who would’ve thunk that would result in them getting send spam?

Blatant attempt by McAfee to get more business. Ironically if you go to their anti-spam website you have to register to get much information. Wonder how much junk they send you? Actually, lets just register and find out…

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