After all the protests a Kingsnorth this last week or so, I was interested to see this article from Arthur Scargill extolling coal fired power and how environmentally friendly it is. The article was in response to one George Monbiot made earlier and at the end of it he issued the following challenge.

“I challenge George Monbiot to test out which is the most dangerous fuel – coal or nuclear power. I am prepared to go into a room full of CO2 for two minutes, if he is prepared to go into a room full of radiation for two minutes.”

See the classic mistake he made there? Yup, he forgot to properly define the rules of the challenge.

George Monbiot responded with some facts and figures to counter Arthur’s claims but also

“I accept his challenge, as long as I can choose my source of radiation. I invite Arthur to propose a date and send me the name of his second. I hope he can hold his breath.

Reckon they’ll let it go ahead cos I seriously doubt Scargill can hold his breathe for 2 minutes….

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