I think this article on whether it’s worth recycling has annoyed me more than anything I’ve read online in the last few weeks. Saying that something like this is only worth doing if it works out to be the most cost effective option is very blinkered.

Maybe he should consider it to be the cost he has to pay for creating so much waste to start with – he should learn to pre-cycle. Maybe it’s the cost of living in a society that has developed a throwaway culture. How different would things be if packaging was made to be easily recyclable and the infrastructure to handle that was already in place?

I notice he called out George Monbiot. I’m guessing he might reply.

Update: Ah, I see the article is a well thought out copy and paste job from two months back which in turn is a copy and paste job from 17 months back. Notice how the core facts and figures stay the same but how different bits are left out of different articles so as to always give a non-recycling slant.

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