Saw this today, the chance to go get a free bit of art by Turner Prize winner Keith Tyson. Is it his art if all he did was write some flash script to auto-generate a picture – beats me.

Anyway I’m not normally much of a one for art but you know, free stuff and all.

The site crashed about 3 minutes after the offer started but was back up later and still dispensing some of the 5000 limited edition art 5 hours after, so might be worth a look if you fancy one. Having access to several computers, I got four. Could be worth something one day (there are three up on eBay already with asking prices of £100, £250 and £500) but more likely it’ll just impress my mum when she comes visiting or I’ll give them away. Except maybe this one – it’s called “The Internet”

One of the Keith Tyson 5000
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