Least it keeps me busy

The week before Christmas – time of drinking, merry making and for me at least, not going to work. Got to love having loads of holiday left come the end of the year.

My brother emailed me to ask if I had any pictures of our nan when she was young as he wanted it for a present he was making for our mum. I avoided asking him if reminding her of her dead mum on Christmas day was the best idea and instead went hunting for an old sepia picture I’d scanned in a while back. When I found it I was taken with the thought that I should be able to do something ‘more’ with it, what with all the technology at my fingertips. I’d already tidied it up – removing dirt and scratches and that sort of thing – but I wasn’t happy.

So rather than all the productive things I could have been doing yesterday – writing xmas cards, looking for presents, cleaning my flat to name a few – I instead spent the day colouring in. The results aren’t perfect but not bad for a first attempt I think but I do need to fix the hair. Not easy to do considering I never knew my nan with anything but silver hair…

before and after
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