As Orville often said…’s not easy being green (for those that don’t know who Orville is). Trying to strike a balance between living a fun life and not trashing too much of the planet in the process with only lots of conflicting information to base those decisions on.

For instance I saw this article about train travel today. I’ve said before that this obsession with CO2 is too over the top – plus some of the comments make good points that the article is a little misleading – but it made me think as Miss C and I are currently considering a trip up to Scotland to see one of her friends.

Nice weekend away, visit some folks, good time had by all – nothing wrong with that and we don’t do it often.

Of course just because I don’t think every decision should revolve around CO2 emissions doesn’t mean I don’t want to pick the least polluting (air pollution included) way to travel.

So bus then? Probably the least polluting and price isn’t bad – £55 – but it takes 12 hours – each way!

Train? A return is priced at just over a hundred quid although using the trick of splitting the journey and buying combinations of single and return tickets I reckon you could do it for about £70. Round trip is about 12 hours, so still not great.

Car? Hard work on the driver, still pretty polluting and probably not much difference in price with fuel.

So flying then? A return for £28 and the flight takes about an hour. Add in travel to/from airport and expenses etc. and you’ll probably be looking a 3.5 hours each way and about £40 total.

It’s not hard to see which is the easiest option and with conflicting information, it’s not clear how much worse for the environment it might be? If the plane is full but the train I take happens to be empty, how does that change things? If I was to take some of the (considerable) money saved by flying and help save some rainforest, does that make up for things?

I guess at the end of the day what I reckon is important is that I’m thinking about it – trying my best to make an informed decision and considering ways to counteract any bad with some good. Because lets face it, unless you go live under a rock most things you do have an impact in one form or another. That doesn’t mean you can’t at least try to minimize it.

If only they made that a bit easier.

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