I’ve been trying Windows 7 the last couple of days. Have to say, not impressed yet.

I shall admit that I’ve not used Vista for more than an hour (sad for an IT professional I know) and I’ve not particularly delved very deeply in Windows 7 so far but I’m already developing a dislike for it based purely on speed.

I do a lot of my work on virtual machines just because it’s so much easier than trying to remember which keyboard or mouse I’m supposed to be using at any given moment. If I install something I don’t want I can just turn if off without saving changes and restart with a nice fresh version of Windows XP 45 seconds later. As I spend half my time installing programs to test, that’s ideal for me.

The first thing that becomes obvious starting my new Windows 7 virtual machine is it takes about four times longer to start than my XP one. Once in, it feels a bit like wading in treacle. My computer isn’t a beast but it’s no slouch either and has no problems dealing with what I currently throw at it. Am I really going to have to get some top of the range PC just to be able to carry on working as I currently do?

The huge performance slowdown was the reason I never looked at Vista. Not sure I have the luxury of avoiding Windows 7 in the same way. Thought things were supposed to get faster as technology advanced….

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