Thanks to the BBC iPlayer, I’ve just watched an interesting program on why thin people aren’t fat (it’s available til late April if you are in the UK and fancy a look). Having never had any problem staying thin – regardless of my sometimes rubbish lifestyle – I was curious as to why.

Seems people may just have a ‘natural’ weight and regardless of what you do, your body does it’s best to adapt and keep you at that weight. The program took a selection of volunteers and fed them double their normal calories for a month – which to be honest looked fab with all the chocolate they got to eat. They all put on weight but not much.

Some of them became more ‘fidgetty’ and burnt the excess calories. Some became unable to eat as much as they were supposed to, being physically sick if they tried. One bloke even put on muscle instead of fat even though they were not allowed to exercise. After the experiment, they all lost the weight again pretty easily.

Did like the bit where it said a virus could be the cause of getting fat though. Maybe it’s my immune systems that’s keeping me skinny?

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