I was going to get a pink one

I love new and shiny toys. I was going to opt for pink as it was cheaper but in the end I decided I couldn’t live with that for the next five years.

I felt a little guilty about buying it as my old camera has served me faithfully for the last five years and although it’s showing signs of having a problem, I could probably have got it fixed. But then I held my new camera against the chunky old one and there was no looking back. You’d not believe how excited I got about ‘face recognition’ and the fact it can do time-lapse movies…

As an aside, I’d always been told that digital zoom was pointless as it always resulted in worse images. Having never really questions it, I just turned it off. A little test with the new toy showed me that I could get images at least as good – if not a tad better – than manually blowing the image up using software later on. I’ve found since that a small number of webpages mention why that might be and I now have an open mind about using it.

“The results of digital zoom are, however, sometimes superior to the results of manual cropping and interpolation in post-production. This is because the camera may apply its interpolation before performing lossy image compression, thereby preserving small details that would otherwise be lost.”

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