Tomorrow at 8:30pm, it’s Earth Hour. Now depending on your point of view it’s either a good method of raising awareness on energy saving or a complete waste of time with a token effort that achieves nothing and possibly even increases CO2 due to factors like peak time energy production and burning candles etc..

Me, I’m just curious to see how many people might take part as a sign of how peoples attitudes are changing. I know a lot of critics say that practically this will probably result in CO2 emissions several times higher than leaving the lights on (because of candles etc..). But then they also often say (sometimes in the same article) that the potential saved emissions by going dark are negligible (just a few seconds worth of total global emissions). So any increase would seem to me to also be negligible.

Update: Whilst things like this always generate interesting discussions, some of the drivel being spouted at the BBC HYS is at a level I rarely see. I especially like the people that turned on all the lights “just to show the greenies!”.

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