With the release of this report (pdf) it seems the BBC wants to change the law to cover internet TV.

Of course the BBC have engineered all this. Create a new service and make it free to all, trumpet its success and popularity (up to 1.5 million program views a day now I believe), then moan about how it’s eating into their revenue.

They’ve been worried about being unable to police internet TV for years. Oh they can police their own product (how hard can it be to have a login to iPlayer that uses your licence fee number) but not all the others like Joost, Hulu and 4oD (I know Joost is not great and Hulu is US only – currently – but internet TV is only just starting to take hold).

So they create a fantastically popular service and use that to push for a law change – probably in the form of a blanket ISP or computer ‘tax’ much like the blank CD tax in Canada. Problem solved. No need to police the small percentage of people that don’t pay, instead just get a nice steady income from all online users…

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