I’ve yet to be convinced of the value of Twitter but I have found a use that at least amuses me.

Step 1. Find someone in your workplace that twitters.

Step 2. Use who they are following and talking to to find other people in the workplace that use it as well.

Step 3. Check back once in a while to see if there is any interesting gossip or information tidbits. As few people restrict their twitter feed (that would go against its whole ethos) you don’t even need to sign up to surreptitiously watch. Feels a bit like listening to the conversation on the table next to you in the pub when you realize they work at the same place as you (easily done in a large organization like mine).

You could probably do the same thing with blogs but it would be much harder to track people down in the first place as there is much less the social element.

Seen a few things so far that are interesting – more a ‘heads up’ of things to come than any real juicy gossip though….

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