Of fake boobs and grass skirts

Spent the weekend away on what I believe may have been my first stag do. It was definitely the first time I’ve been to the pub with a man in a grass skirt and fake boobs.

Curiously, that same pub trip started quite an interesting debate. Imagine a woman out on her hen night wearing a some skimpy pink cowgirl outfit. Not long after being there several lads – a little merry on beer – gather round and start to try and pull down her top, grope her and remove her underwear. Chances are there would be a fight, police and a sexual assault court case.

Now change the genders around with the man on the receiving end and things are a little different. People watch, laugh, take photos and it all seems acceptable. Guess it’s similar to how people never think men could be the victim of domestic violence.

And the moral of the story – never have a stag do of course!

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