A little while back I posted about CHDK, a little program to ‘unleash the power of your canon camera’. I didn’t get it working at the time however as there was no way for me to directly access the memory card in the camera and transfer the needed files over.

Thanks to a new toy I just bought, I have now got this working though. Whilst maybe not the most user friendly experience (a fair few references to the FAQ were needed), it does do what it says. The main reason I suspect most people want it is to shoot in RAW format. I’m assuming this works as although I’ve taken RAW (and DNG) shots, I don’t have any software with which to edit the images at the moment. I’ll try it at work.

On the plus side (or not, depending on how much space your memory card has) you also get a JPEG image at the same time so you can check the picture and have something quick and easy to pass to friends whilst retaining the higher quality ‘negative’. I mention space as on top of the usual JPEG, you also get an image file about 3 times the size saved, so your memory capacity is reduced to about a quarter of what it was. All in all good stuff though.

The new toy I mentioned was my nice new Navigo sat nav. A strange purchase some might think for someone that doesn’t drive but it is useful for trips on holiday with Miss C to help us find our way and well, it’s a new shiny toy! The software it comes with is a bit basic but apparently there are things you can do about that if you look around.

For under £50 it’s a bargain.

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