Although I gave it a very brief try when it was first launch, I’ve finally got around to putting Google Chrome through a proper test. Thing is, I try to avoid installing software on my computer if possible – both at home and at work – so Firefox was perfect as there is a portable version. Nothing quite as straight forward to find for Chrome however. Portable versions can be found – such as this one which I think is just a portable version based on Chromium.

As picking apart software is what I do most of my time at work, I had a look and the portable versions aren’t hard to make anyway. Just involves moving a few files into different folders and using a switch to launch (–user-data-dir=Profile).

Anyway, I was impressed by the speed of Chrome – plus Firefox seems to go a little screwy on me every so often and needs a fresh copy – so reckon I’ll carry on using Chrome for the time being. Or actually using Iron which is a version I found based on Chromium but which removes some of the ‘features’ Google includes that track what you do online. And I prefer the icon…

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