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I think the best way to sum up the new proposed 50p ‘tax’ on landline users in order to pay for fast broadband for all was a comment I read on one of the many stories about it. “They are charging us in order to pay for the infrastructure they will then charge us to use.”. Which will generate much profit for BT and others of course.

What percentage of people need ultra fast broadband anyway? I’ve got a 1MB line and that does me for most stuff. Sure I can’t download large files in seconds and I sometimes have to leave streaming video for 5 mins to buffer but it’s not a real issue.

And I won’t even touch on how they plan to figure out who’s downloading illegal content online in order to reduce that by 70%.

Oh well, swings and roundabouts I suppose. For instance I save £140 a year by not having a TV licence and still get to watch BBC content. And the odd film I’ve seen online that’s saved me the dissapointment and cost of watching a pile of sh*te at the cinema…

Update: Just saw this quote from Gordon Brown.

“Britain’s going to lead the world. This is us taking the next step into the future, being the digital capital of the world, making the necessary investment.”

Because the couple of hundred million a year they will invest from this new tax is certainly better than say, the £21 billion the Australian government have promised to pay for the same sort of thing!?

I wonder if politicians have any grasp of reality sometimes….

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