Seven days, close to 2000 miles traveled, around 50 units of alcohol consumed (cheap vino and cartons of sangria for a quid was just too tempting) and more calories than even my poor body could cope with without putting on a couple of pounds! Yup, I’m back.

And what a nice time I had too. Never been on a ‘sun and sand’ type holiday before but I found sitting around for hours at a time drinking cold sangria on the balcony of our apartment in Cala en Porter – interspersed with trips to the pool for a bit – surprisingly easy to do without getting bored.

With no TV, papers, internet or much else I also feel oddly distant from the goings on in the real world. Didn’t even know Jacko was dead for 2 days but then I could have gone a month and still not cared about that.

Cala en Porter
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