I was pretty surprised when I read that someone had bought the Pirate Bay and was planning to make it legit. Seemed like a waste of money to me. Who’d still use a legit TPB?

On closer inspection it seems the deal is not yet signed and sealed and that there is a good idea behind it.

He said the value of the site is to be found in the userbase and nothing else. He added that if a company is interested in buying that userbase they have to keep up spirits or they will find themselves owning something that rapidly decreases in value.

Makes sense I suppose – having a large user base willing to seed torrents for legit purposes could be handy. Problem is TPB is popular because it lets you get free stuff and sticks two fingers up to the film, record and software industry. Lose the copyrighted stuff and you lose both those reasons for people to stay.

Seems people are already jumping ship or showing their displeasure.

Still reckon it will be a waste of money….

On a similar note, Joost starts to fade away.

Update: Looks like more problems for TPB deal…

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