What to do….

I have a quandry. When bored at work waiting for things to install and the like (Adobe products – I hate you…), I sometimes poke around the internet to see what’s going on. With the upsurge of Twitter users, it’s become quite easy to see what things are going on at the university – things that might affect me.

It’s sort of like spying if spies relied on secret documents being put on billboards or foreign agents walked around with “I’m a spy” t-shirts on.

Recently I’ve seen a few cases of people who haven’t been happy with the IT service we provide. I can understand why but knowing more of the technical background, believe what we are doing is correct.

Case in point, we restrict Skype because it can operate as a ‘Supernode’. That ‘could’ potentially be a problem if many, many people have it on our network. We don’t block it totally, we just make people jump through a couple of hoops first so that only those that really need it, get it. Maybe that needs to change?! The way to change it though is by asking nicely why we block it, do some research and then suggest a review might be needed. Not – as is currently being done – calling on everyone on site to request access to it regardless of if they need it or not.

So my quandry – do I do anything about it? It might be a good opportunity to get some brownie points with our users by directly addressing issues they have but do I want to get involved in a ‘we’re watching you’ big brother thing? I’m thinking not – too much potential to get caught in something that might get blown out of proportion. Reckon I’ll probably just mention the Skype review thing to those that might be interested and let things run their course without my interference.

Hmmm, far to many “things” in that last paragraph.

Update: Seems someone else is more willing to directly intervene where I fear to tread. Albeit anonymously. 😉

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