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The Guardian launches it’s 10:10 campaign today. Personally I think it would have been better trying to encourage people to reduce waste, water and energy usage by 10% rather than their ‘carbon footprint’ but still…

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I really do find it a pain in the arse that if I want to get any sort of worthwhile interest on my savings I have to move the bloody money around every twelve months or so. Turn your back … Continue reading

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The story is fairly dull – sheep sells for £231,000 but the picture… What the hell is that? It’s like some sort of poodle/sheep hybrid.

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I’ve got my appraisal at work this morning. First one in over a year and definitely the first that is likely to last more than 10 minutes and be of any use (Bonus knows what I’m talking about – king … Continue reading

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Not really sure you can class it as macro-blogging or the anti-twitter as Woofer is just a Twitter clone with a 1400 minimum character requirement per ‘woof’. And it’s currently full of people copying text from other places, repeating the … Continue reading

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Mmmmmm – 4.5 million year old beer. Sort of. Wonder where I could buy some – my bro would love it.

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Pirate Bay sale looking doubtfull. Like no one say that coming. Anyway, you can download your own copy of TPB.

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1,000 cameras ‘solve one crime’. What I can never understand is how in an age when every phone comes with a 5MP camera and storage is cheap as chips, images from CCTV are always so bloody naff?

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Not seen a new one of these for a while – GROW Tower.

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Pointless research of the day – how to deal with a zombie attack. Besides, everyone knows you just need this guy on your side for victory.

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