So the incandescent bulb ban has started. For the record this would be a good idea in an ideal world where the infrastructure – recycling, light fittings etc.. – were in place. It would also be a good idea if people were vaguely sensible and understood how they work, how to dispose of them, the dangers and such like. Unfortunately this isn’t an ideal world.

“Green” light bulbs emit radiofrequencies and this “light” produces skin cancer certainly.”

“Also, if electricity is generated from low or zero carbon resources, eg nuclear, tidal, wind, solar, then there is no need whatsoever to ban 100 watt bulbs.”

“Fact is that it cost a LOT more energy to produce such a new “energy efficient” bulb. Fair enough: once in use it uses less energy. When the lamp is disposed of, it’s impact on our environment is much bigger (due to the chemicals inside such lamp) then traditional bulbs. These new bulbs are FAR from eco-friendly! Fact.Sorry!”

“..you need three to light the average room to the equivalent 100 watt normal bulb.”

“…are slow to warm up from the start and start deteriorating after a few weeks; after 3 months they take hours to warm up and need to be replaced.”

“I don’t trust the new ones, I keep thinking that if I stand under one for too long, I might catch skin cancer.”

Courtesy of BBC HYS.

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